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well, i suppose i should say something here, since i am co-founder type person.

my big trust issue is... well, i don't trust people. that's rather broad, isn't it? let me narrow that down. i find it hard to trust even the closest of friends. even the ones who have given me no reason *not* to trust them. even my wonderful, amazing, loving, caring boyfriend... i just can't help thinking that some other girl will throw herself at him and he won't do anything about it... at least, nothing that i'll be happy about.
i know i should trust him. i know he'd never do anything to hurt me. but i keep getting these feelings about him when he's around other girls. when he's upset around me, he's always happy around them, messing around, having a good time. but when i come along, and try to talk to him, he gets upset, or i get upset, or something happens and we aren't as happy as we were. i can't help thinking that it's my fault, that i did it.. but that's a little off subject.
here's the most recent problem.
my school has a 3-day weekend this weekend. it's a boarding school. my boyfriend is from philly, which is about 2 1/2 hours from the school. this weekend, he went home and took one of our mutual (female) friends with him.
should i be upset? probably not. but i don't really know her. and i'm always paranoid about him and what he'll do. i'm scared out of my mind. i know i shouldn't be, but i am.
and i can't do anything about it... believe me, i've tried.
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