Fez , 赤いサイクロン (knightquest) wrote in innaughtwetrust,
Fez , 赤いサイクロン

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Heh, I just saw this community, for a specific reason, someday I'll explain how and why, but it was because I have trust issues. I have trust issues specifically for relationship purposes, otherwise I am very trustworthy on others. I've been fooled too many times before and I'm in a relationship now in which I love the girl so much that I hope to marry her one day, and yet I still have problems trusting her. Something in me is not right, and I know this, so hopefully with time, I will be able to trust her fully, even though we have been dating for over a year now, my trust and paranoia still take over, and destroy that. So I am here now. Let's see what tommorow brings me.
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