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Soooooo i havn't podted in a long time  but i need to post now so that hole bj thing ended up blowing up   but i cut his shit out so fast  only to have to deal with soem stupid ass shit  with soem chick named lura  who cares cause now we are going on 3 years of being to gether i put together of soem of the shit he has doen online ill post the site  at the end of my comments . so just recently he got his cell phone and is calling these chicks and hotlines we had a big fight over it  and im waiting for this months bill to coem in if the same shit happens im gone so im waiting for the 15th  come on men be smart lol ill post my findings  and what happens with that after the 15th of this month heres the site please comment let me know soemthing

 NOT WORK SAFE GOT NUDDITY the dude is my dude the chick is laura

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